a very good (bad) thing
Автор: callmearcturus
Рейтинг: NC-17
Размер: мини?
Жанр: Ангст, Драма, AU
Саммари: AU: Rhys grew up on Pandora and is a con artist/honeytrap that works with Fiona and Sasha. When the chance to get some payback against Hyperion arises, they shuttle Rhys off to lie and charm his way into the Helios space station. He soon finds life on Helios is just as dangerous as life on Pandora.

It has the potential to be the biggest score of their lives if they can keep Rhys alive. But things go awry when Rhys accidentally catches Handsome Jack's attention.

What was supposed to be some profitable minor grifting quickly gets out of control, involving the Pandoran resistance forces and the sort of secrets that are too big to sell.

@темы: Borderlands, Джек/Риз, в процессе, на английском